we believe in working and winning together team WEL is eagerly waiting for you to join

The QEL team is enriched with professionals of highest credentials who are strongly devoted to accomplish their objectives. The energetic work-places provide space for people to grow more professionally. QEL also ensures employee safety, performance development and personal improvement where they can enjoy the work they do -creating a smarter business and a better world. Here one can get to learn from the finest to bring out the best in oneself.

The focused Management team of QEL provides updated knowledge gathering and implementation culture that aims to bring out the best from its employees.

The Following Aspects For Employee Development Are Strongly Monitored At QEL:
1. Fair selection and recruitment process.

2. Proper training and development initiatives.

3. Friendly corporate office environment.

4. Effective performance appraisal process.

5. Development of interpersonal relationship.

6 Celebration of cultural and development programs.

We believe in working and winning together.

Team QEL is eagerly waiting for you to join.