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HR Vision:

“Promote employees in the next higher level in terms of strategic focus, operational excellence, constant improvement, customer centricity & high employee engagement while working at QEL”

Proud team members of QEL (partial).

Proud team members of QEL (partial).

The team QEL is enriched with highly qualified professionals. They are strongly committed to achieve their goals. QEL offers sound career growth for employees.It ensures employee safety, performance development and personal enhancement.

With very organized coordination of QEL Management team, the team QEL provides updated knowledge gathering, implementation and improvement.

QEL always keeps in mind the following issues for employee development:

1. Fair selection and recruitment process.
2. Proper training and development initiatives.
3. Friendly corporate office environment.
4. Effective performance appraisal process.
5.Development of interpersonal relationship.
6 Celebration of cultural and development programs.

QEL have the capability to compete with modern corporate world.

Team QEL is waiting eagerly for experienced professionals as well as enthusiastic freshers.