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Eagle Power Mega Booster Mosquito Coil

A new feature has added to the coil segment in spiral shaped low smoke coil with unique active Meperfluthrin that ensures most effective protection against mosquitoes.


Features of Eagle Power Mega Booster:

  • Ingredient with powerful Meperfluthrin which is first time in Bangladesh.¬† It actively fights against mosquitoes- ensures you have a sound sleep nightlong.
  • Made from natural charcoal which emits very low smoke that does not irritate eyes.
  • Extremely effective in repelling mosquitoes and keep your house free from mosquitoes.
  • 08 hrs. continuous burning capacity offers overnight protection from mosquitoes- keep mosquitoes always terrified and drive them away for good.
  • It is specially designed to avoid breakage while separating the coils from the packaging.
  • Manufacture in advanced automated machine with accurate measures of ingredients- so it is extremely effective against variant mosquitoes.