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Eagle Super Power Mosquito Coil

Enriched with Dimefluthrin, a state of the art active ingredient, a spiral molded low smoke coil has been added to our product basket that guarantees the most effective protection against mosquitoes.

Features of Eagle Super Power Mosquito Coil:

  • It actively fights against mosquitoes- ensures you have a sound sleep nightlong.
  • Emits very low smoke that does not irritate eyes.
  • Extremely effective in repelling mosquitoes and keep your house free from mosquitoes.
  • 10 hrs. continuous burning capacity offers overnight protection from mosquitoes- keep mosquitoes always frightened.
  • It is specially designed to avoid breakage while separating the coils from the packaging.
  • Manufacture in advanced automated machine with accurate measures of ingredients- so it is extremely effective against variant mosquitoes.