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Eagle Max Jumbo Mosquito Coil

Eagle Max Jumbo Coils were developed with a view to set longer protection from mosquitoes, while, other mosquito coils tackle mosquitoes only when they come in proximity to the coil. The unique action of Eagle Max Jumbo coil smokes out mosquitoes from their hideouts and destroys them – providing corner to corner protection and a peaceful sleep all through the night.


Features of Eagle Max Jumbo Mosquito Coil:

  • Ingredient with powerful D-Allethrin, Eagle Max Jumbo actively fight against harmful mosquitoes-ensures you have a sound sleep overnight.
  • Extremely effective in repelling mosquitoes and keep your house free from mosquitoes.
  • 12 hrs. continuous burning capacity offers overnight protection from mosquitoes- keep mosquitoes always terrified
  • It is specially designed to avoid breakage while separating coils from one another.
  • Manufacture in advanced automated machine with accurate measures of ingredients- so it is extremely effective against variant mosquitoes.
  • Its unique octagonal shape releases power boosters every half an hour ensuring you a peaceful night.